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The Cash Flow Strategist 

Faith Matlock - Johnson

I am an Enrolled Agent and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. I have transformed small business dreams into small business realities. But, more than all of these things, I am an entrepreneur just like you. 


We'll work side-by-side to get you financially organized and in control of your cash flow while showing you how to create strategic plans for sustainability.


 Partnering with you to see the vision for your company manifest is the heartbeat of The Gabby Dade Institute. I know what it's like to have a dream burning inside of you and to be the CEO, CFO, Marketer, and every other title under the sun while still trying to have work-life balance.


I had a false idea that being my own boss meant I had to do all things. I also watched as other entrepreneurs close to me became burned out, and their dreams fade because they had the skills for the service, but not the right team in place to help carry their vision.

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Stay consistent.

The Paradigm Shift

The nurturer in me couldn't watch these dreams die in the people that I loved. What began as suggestions and tidbits helped lay the foundation for creating systems that shift you from reactive to proactive. This is pivotal in being in control of your finances and growing your business.

Communicating, collaborating, and creating is the model to get your business organized and the path to help you understand the financial piece of your business, so that vision in your head manifest for all to see. Your success is what ignites my world.

Be true.

Gabby Dade History

Gabby Dade began with the small business owner in mind. Over the years, we found passion in helping companies and individuals grow. Many small businesses miss out on opportunities or don't make it because they weren't able to create a team with their best interest. We found that small businesses failed because they didn't handle their financial affairs due to limited resources or the taboo that accountants are out of their budget. They make financial mistakes because they didn't have someone to walk them through budgeting and forecasting, cash flows, and ensuring they have the best strategic plans to maximize their profitability and longevity. They would max out personal assets and eventually have to close doors. The Gabby Dade Institute creates more than a client relationship, but a partnership to help carry out the business owner's vision. The Gabby Dade Institute understands the value of service and seeks to bridge the gap between the skilled entrepreneur and the accountant.

Be empowered.


Often, small businesses miss opportunities because their financials and business structure is not in place. New ventures may not have the capital to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant and miss opportunities like grants or investors. Gabby Dade understands and seeks to offer a variety of affordable services to help the new business owner. 

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