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Solo-prenuer is Risky Business

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

When most small businesses start, we aren't equipped with a full team, booming payroll account and all the keys to run a successful business. Well at least I wasn't! Starting a business was on my mind, but in the distant future.

Then COVID-19 happened and I became one of millions who received an email stating my job position was being eliminated in a time of uncertainty.

Really now?

My team was one of the top-performing teams & I received accolades for how we contributed to untapped levels of bonuses. Day in and day out of "thank you" and "job well done" and still....goodbye.

Thank goodness for the stimulus package that helped offset the income I was set to lose. It is with that money, the solo-prenuer was born. I was now the proud owner of The Gabby Dade Institute. I didn't know that meant I would be the marketer, HR, finance, compliance, CEO, CFO, ABC and 123. LOL.

I was tired and determined to do it all in the name of saving the mighty dollar. I exchanged profits for time and time won. Then I got sick and I still had obligations to clients- that's when I realized the solo-prenuer is a risky business. I began to leverage tax strategies and implement procedures and workflows to help give me time back in my day and profits in the bank.

Listen to this episode of Building People Podcast as I share how to shift your hustle into a legitimate business. Derek and I also talk about resources for small businesses and the mind shift it takes to go from broke and busy to productive and paid.

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